Helping people & organizations be their best

Organization Consulting & Executive Coaching

Mark 2 6-14

Mark Sachs has a deep commitment to bringing out the best in people and improving the management of organizations.

Mark provides guidance, focus, expertise, and experience to help you arrive at the most creative and effective solutions for the challenges at hand.

He believes people have much more potential than they give themselves credit for, and he gets excited when clients try new opportunities, overcome challenges, and succeed in their work.

Organizations: Mark helps people work better as a team, determine the issues that may be limiting their organizational effectiveness, and plan and manage change.  He also facilitates meetings and retreats.  Mark’s services are customized to meet his client’s specific needs.

Coaching clients: Mark coaches executives and leaders to improve their management and leadership skills and gives them the support they need to be creative, be less stressed and more able to lead and manage people more effectively.