Mark A. Sachs

Organization Consulting

In his consulting practice Mark works closely with clients to design strategies best suited to help their organizations thrive today and succeed in the future.  He approaches problem-solving pragmatically, focusing on both the financial bottom line and the creative potential of employees. Mark works with organizations in the following areas:

Organizational Assessments
Through a collaboratively designed process he helps to identify areas in the organization that are working well and those that are less effective. For those areas that are working well, he determines what needs to be done for continued success. For those areas that may be less effective, he helps identify the causes and their effects on the organization.

Effectively Managing Change
He assists in the planning of change efforts to determine goals, develop the change process, increase staff buy-in, recognize resistance to change, and manage that resistance. Working with management and staff he helps ensure that the efforts are successfully implemented.

Developing Leadership and Management Skills
He works with executives and key staff to build management skills and enhance decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Building Effective Teams
Through training, coaching, and facilitating the development of effective teams within a supportive environment of trust, he helps them jointly set goals and develop clear team member roles with a system of mutual accountability.

Facilitating Meetings and Retreats
He designs and facilitates meetings and retreats to be effective in producing positive outcomes.