Mark A. Sachs


Coaching Executives and Leaders

Being a successful executive or manager requires skills that few of us are ever taught. They typically include leadership, communicating well with others, effective decision making and problem solving, and managing people. While you may have developed many of these skills, you might not be using them most effectively.

Many executives and leaders have few people with whom they can talk to about their concerns, frustrations, and hopes.

Coaching can help identify ways individuals may be stuck, help them discover what’s holding them back, and develop courses of action to reach new goals.  Many of Mark’s coaching clients say that as a result of their work together they make positive changes in many areas of their lives.

Some typical areas that he coaches clients around include managing:  managing bosses, peers, subordinates, and most importantly, themselves.  He helps his clients in the following areas:

  • Improving listening and communication skills
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Being creative
  • Taking risks
  • Being less overwhelmed
  • Managing stress

In addition to coaching executives and leaders across the globe, Mark has significant expertise in coaching lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and medical students.

Boundaries Coaching for Personal and Professional Relationships

Do you find it difficult to tell others what you need from them and to stay with those decisions?  When we successfully set and maintain boundaries with others, we feel more confident and in control, and we are likely to:

  • Be less stressed
  • Stop avoiding others
  • Be less angry with others and ourselves
  • Be less confused
  • Make decisions based on our needs rather than what others  want us to do for them
  • Procrastinate less

When we set boundaries, we take responsibility for ourselves and promote equality and respect in relationships.  It’s about setting limits;  boundaries reflect our right to say “no” to what’s not right for us.  Successfully setting boundaries can help us better take care of ourselves.

Mark has coached many people to find the courage to get their needs met, whether in personal relationships or at work.  With successful boundary setting, people are freed up to do new things and explore new options.