Boundaries Workshop

Boundaries Workshops

Do you or others you know have a difficult time saying “no” or telling others what you want from them?  If so, setting strong, clear, healthy boundaries or limits can increase your effectiveness in getting your needs met, maintaining your self-respect, and taking better care of yourself.

At work, boundary setting helps to reduce stress, create clearer communication, improve morale, and increase productivity. Setting boundaries includes deciding what you want or don’t want, telling others, and then staying with those decisions once you’ve made them.

“Getting What You Want” is a one-day or half-day, workshop that provides coworkers with an opportunity to discuss on-the-job issues in a constructive way.  Participants can be a group of individuals or an intact work team, and the session may be stand-alone or part of a leadership or management development program.

Mark has presented boundaries workshops in many organizations, helping people set better boundaries in personal and work relationships.

Benefits from the workshop include:

  • Improved understanding about why it is difficult to set boundaries
  • Real-life examples of boundary setting
  • The most important steps to effectively setting and maintaining boundaries
  • Increased confidence and courage to set the boundaries that are important to you

Plus, participants will leave the workshop with…

  • An easy-to-read handbook containing strategies for success in setting boundaries


“I loved the use of movie clips, the boundary cards are a great idea, and the requests for shared experiences from participants and pairings/small group work made the session practical and valuable.  Mark’s own shared stories were relevant and funny and he shared in such a way that was quite unassuming, a bit different from most presenters.”