Boundaries Workshop


Mark often facilitates workshops on topics that help people and their organizations grow. Based on an understanding of how most adults learn, Mark’s workshops are highly informative, experiential, and interactive. The following are sessions that clients have said were especially helpful to them:

Successfully Managing Change

If you are planning a change, you’ll want to make sure that it is planned well and that all of the pieces are in place so the effort will be successful. What are those elements, and how can you help ensure that you will meet your goals? This workshop outlines how to effectively plan for the new initiative, communicate it to staff, work with any resistance that might interfere with its being successful, and manage your own stress.

Making Assumptions About Others:  Climbing the Ladder of Inference

The Ladder of Inference illustrates a very simple concept:  we often make assumptions or we draw conclusions about others based on incomplete information or preconceptions.  Think about a time when you made an assumption about someone or a situation, and it proved to be wrong.  Doing this can have very serious consequences for ourselves and others at work and in our personal lives.  When we do this, we often limit what we learn, and we don’t give others the benefit of the doubt. The workshop includes specific techniques that can help us make more successful decisions with valid information.

Discovering the Leader in You

At different times in our work, we take on leadership roles. But what is effective leadership, and how can we use our talents to be the leader we want to be?  In this workshop, you will complete the Leadership Practices Inventory to help you discover your leadership style. You will also learn about the five fundamental practices of exemplary leadership. Applications of your leadership style to your current work will be emphasized.

Having Your Emotional Intelligence Work for You

Effective Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a critical factor in doing well at work and in personal relationships.  Important elements of EQ include your ability to know yourself, interact and get along with others, be flexible and realistic, manage stress, and maintain a positive attitude. Fortunately, EQ can change, so the possibilities to enhance your EQ are limitless. This workshop includes completing the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory and reviewing your scores to learn about those areas that are assets for you and those that may be more of a challenge. Applicability of your EQ to your current work situation will be reviewed.

Myers-Briggs: The Key to Understanding Your Strengths and Enhancing Teamwork

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a powerful tool that helps people identify their unique gifts. It enhances understanding of yourself, your motivations, natural strengths, and potential areas for growth. When people know their Myers-Briggs type in an organizational setting, it often takes the mystery out of why they and coworkers act the way they do. Knowing one’s personality type can also enhance teamwork. During this session you will gain insights that will assist you in understanding and making the best use of your Myers-Briggs type.

Leading Effective Meetings

Many of us spend a lot of time in meetings that are productive or a total waste of time. So, how should a meeting be conducted so that the participants believe that their time was well spent? In this workshop you will learn the important elements of how to lead meetings, including establishing goals and ground rules, understanding group behavior, and working with people who may get in the way of meetings reaching their goals.


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